People who have never experienced diving can try it out with Sealife Divers' Discover
Scuba Course. This half day course consists of three parts. First, we conduct a short lecture
on the beach discussing equipment and how to dive safely. Second, we build your
confidence through a practice sessionin shallow water. Finally, we take our new divers
on our boat to explore the amazing corals and fish of the Caribbean.

Discover Diving students are always accompanied by a certified instructor who will
remain close by at all times. Try diving under the safety conscious eyes of our PADI
certified dive instructors. Our guides are patient and have the qualities you need to
ensure that your first diving experience is both safe, relaxed and fun. And, if you
want to get your PADI dive certification. Sealife Divers is happy to train you.  

Discover Scuba Diving course includes:
. boat transportation to and from dive site
. dive training
. one dive with Certified PADI Instructor
. all necessary equipment
. refreshments